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The background....
Feb 6, 11 2:41 PM
NEW Site!
Feb 3, 11 11:46 PM
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Welcome to the Clan of Outlaws Web Site!!

This is a place for all members of the guild to meet and discuss guild plans, meets, and anything else that comes to mind!

We are a casual leveling guild with a strong community. Guild members are encouraged to recruit and to help others level so we can get more out of the game! We are eventually looking into raiding.

If you have any questions, need help, or suggestions please msg or send mail to the GM or a Nightwatchmen. If you have questions regarding your class contact your respective class guide.

Please no begging for Gold, dungeon runs, or promotions!

Promotions are based on activity, helpfulness, recruiting, and contribution to the GB.

Thank you, our guild is located on the sever Llane. :]

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The background....

RoboZombieCXT, Feb 6, 11 2:41 PM.
Yes yes, i know, it's a night elf, and i believe it's from Warcraft 3. But all the other pre-made backgrounds were pretty bad, either different games or low quality photos or something Evvie and I didn't really like much. So this will have to do until i find out how to make a background, so yeah.

Please keep your pants on for the time being.

Thank you for reading,
Your "Web Master" Robo.

NEW Site!

RoboZombieCXT, Feb 3, 11 11:46 PM.
We are re-doing the site. And now it's usable, and RoboZombie will the manger of the site.

If you have any questions about the "new" site please contact via in-game chat or on this site. I'm not sure if there is mail between accounts on here, but you can always post a forum about wanting to talk to her, or anyone else in the Guild.

Since this is a part of the Guild you must follow the rules of guild, etc.

Thank you for reading.
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